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[12.02.2013] Avendi won three awards at the annual "Diageo Marketing Brilliance Awards" ceremony

At a ceremony in early February in Warsaw, the global giant in the production of alcoholic beverages Diageo announced the winners in its internal awards. Once again Avendi, part of VM Finance Group, was honored for its achievements. [more]

[15.01.2013] "Tchibo GmbH" appoints "Avendi" Ltd. as a partner and distributor of all its brands in Bulgaria

 New Partnership and distribution agreement entrusts the brands Tchibo, Davidoff coffee and Edusho to the leading Bulgarian distributor "Tchibo GmbH" announced a change in its distribution and partnership agreements in Bulgaria.   From 1 January 2013,  the brands Edusho and Tchibo, owned by one of the largest producers of coffee in the world "Tchibo GmbH", and  the brand Davidoff coffee, produced by it, moved from  "Fortune Com" Ltd to "Avendi" Ltd. - company leader in the marketing and distribution of consumer goods. [more]