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07.03.2013 New name and General Manager for Florina-Bulgaria

Balkan Beverages Company is the new name of the company

2013 is definitely a key year for the leader in juices production. In line with its development strategy Florina Bulgaria EAD decided to change its name and thus differentiate the company from its core brand.

Balkan Beverages Company reflects the plans of its management for developing the company's image beyond the Florina brand.

Director of this course of change will be the new CEO of the company - Mr. Bradley Tyma. Mr. Tyma holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Iowa State University, USA, and has extensive experience in manufacturing. He began his career in "Pepsi Co." and then held various positions in "Kraft Foods' U.S., Austria and Bulgaria.

To reflect the new course of its development, Balkan Beverages Company embraced a new corporate identity. Graphic elements and colors of the new logo were designed to capture the freshness and energy, hidden in the drop. "The new identity resembles our vision of the future, our ambition to build on our already established market reputation" - said Mr. Tyma.

Balkan Beverages Company is soon releasing a website of the company and an improved and more interactive website of the Florina brand.