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13.01.2013 Keep Walking Bulgaria

Scotch whiskey № 1 in the world * Johnnie Walker launches the project Keep Walking Bulgaria, which aims to celebrate and support the individual contribution of Bulgarians to the general progress of the country. The idea of ​​the campaign is to show how the successes and achievements of all Bulgarians have helped and continue to help our country to develop. Therefore, the motto of the campaign is "Every step of yours is a step forward for Bulgaria". For this purpose, Johnnie Walker organized a competition for innovative ideas at from 19 November to mid-January 2013.

Participants must share their personal ideas that would contribute to our country's progress. Three-member jury - anthropologist Harlan Alexandrov, program director of Darik radio Konstantin Valkov and director of festivals platform of the magazine "One" Asen Asenov will determine the five most innovative ideas. Their authors will be awarded a cash prize of 10,000 lv in order to facilitate the realization of their ideas. The winners in “Keep Walking Bulgaria” will be announced in mid-February 2013 To illustrate that such good examples exist in Bulgaria and personal success of our compatriots have improved the environment in which they live, Johnnie Walker have prepared inspiring video stories. Its premiere was the opening event on November 13th at Factory 126, where the project was presented to journalists and young entrepreneurs.

Each of the guests had the opportunity to write their ideas on the walls of a white room, and in the visualization of ideas participated talented young Bulgarian artists. Ambassador of the Keep Walking Bulgaria project is the most successful Bulgarian swimmer Petar Stoychev. He is the first Bulgarian, included in a television advertisement of the world famous brand. The advertising campaign of Keep Walking Bulgaria is the first advertisement of Johnnie Walker, shot in Bulgaria. "This is great recognition of my sports career and efforts that I have sworn by now. I accepted the invitation of Johnnie Walker, because we share the same philosophy - that small steps, persistance and faith lead to success in any field. So I wish you all to be consistent, not to give up at the first hurdle and to follow your goals. Keep Walking! "- said Peter Stoychev.

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