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30.04.2013 Florina juices with new innovative campaign

Florina is the first brand of juices, which appeared on the Bulgarian market after the sudden political changes that had occurred in the early 90s. Back then, the owners of the company established the brand as a leader on the market of fruit juices and nectars.

After the company joined the family of VM Finance Group in 2011, significant investments for new equipment made reinforced the brand's image as one of the most important players on the Bulgarian market. A recent study showed that the Florina brand is ranked among the top 3 manufacturers of juices in the country. "What we needed to make us the ultimate leader was the great innovative marketing idea" - says Mr. Spiros Romanos, Corporate Marketing Manager at VM Finance Group. - "An idea that can create an emotional connection between the brand and its consumers." So in October 2012 Florina went on a journey to find the "Big Idea."

Many ideas were discussed and rejected. "At the end we chose a concept that was fun, memorable and focused on what customers expect from a juice: good taste, richness in nutrients and vitamins suitable for all diets" - says Mr. Romanos.

Florina is the brand that offers more than just juice – real fruits. Fruits with character - cheerful and positive Orange, wise Apple, naive Tomato, Carefree Pineapple, cynical Banana and narcissistic Peach. The Florina fruits will tell us their stories in the coming months on TV and other media.

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