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[24.06.2011] Manager and VM Finance Group initiated a green alliance

Green Circle of Bulgarian companies, which are responsible for nature and environment preservation and committedto green ideas and policies, was established in Sofia. This happened at the business forum "Green exit of the crisis: clean nature for new economicgrowth", organized by the "Manager" magazine and GLOBUL. The first companies to join the circle were  the mobile operator Globul, the  law firm Schonherr - "Andreev, Stoyanov, Tzekova ", the manufacturer of building materials " Saint Gobain Weber Bulgaria ", the sales agency of " Renault Nissan”, the Austrian Trade Commission in Bulgaria and, of course, VM Finance Group and Manager magazine. Each company undertakes commitments linked to the field it operates in. They all agreed on five values​​, which include: strong economy, preservation of nature, clean environment, efficiency of resources and climate protection. The goals of the circle can be readon the website: "Our goal is to expand this circle, by attracting new companies that lead environmental friendly policies. The more green companies there are in Bulgaria, the greener Bulgaria will be"said Mr. Maxim Mayer, editorial director of" Manager ". The forum was attended by Minister of Ecology Nona Karadzhova, FrenchAmbassador Etienne de Poncin, former EU Commissioner Meglena Kuneva, currently a member of the Governing Council of the EuropeanClimate Foundation. Together with representatives of business, banks, environmentalorganizations and investors, they discussed the low-carbon economy, clean technologies, green production and consumption of sustainable products and services. Special guest of the forum was Mr. [more]

[10.06.2011] Avendi and A team rejoiced children in St. Troica park in Sofia

In one of the hottest days this month, employees of Avendi and graphic designers of A team invested their hearts and skills to please the kids in the park "St. Troica" in Sofia. [more]