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[29.06.2015] Gebr. Heinemann and VM Finance Group form joint venture in Romania

Gebr. Heinemann SE & Co. KG (“Gebr. Heinemann” or “GH”), а leader in the travel retail market, and VM Finance Group AD (“VMFG”), a major Bulgarian economic group, announced the creation of a 50/50 joint venture operating in the FMCG distribution market in Romania. The venture, which will operate under the name of Heinrig Food and Beverages (“HF&B” or the “Company”), shall capitalize on GH’s business experience in Romania and VMFG’s long history and know-how in the area of FMCG marketing and distribution. It will be well-positioned for future rapid growth.

Gebr. Heinemann will contribute its domestic distribution business in Romania into HF&B while VMFG will acquire 50% of the shares of the Company. The management of the joint venture will combine the best practices of both GH with its global industry presence and VMFG with its strong position and know-how in FMCG marketing and distribution. 


[11.12.2010] VM Finance Group AD is the new owner of Florina-Bulgaria EAD

One of the largest business groups in the country has acquired 100% of the bulgarian producer of juices.

The deal was closed in December after an authorization by Commission on protection of competition.
“Florina Bulgaria” is a Joint Stock Company founded and registered in 1993. Its activity includes production and distribution of soft drinks - fruit juices and carbonated drinks.

The acquisition of Florina is a result of analysis of the potential of the company by VM Finance Group. She has the most modern production facilities in Bulgaria and with needed investment can be stabilized and brought to profit – say Florina’s new owners. The company owns well known and respected brand, a brand new production equipment and market share around 10%.

Acquiring Florina, VM Finance Group gets the chance to enrich its portfolio in the area of fast moving consumer goods. The Group plans to maintaining the high quality of the products, despite the drastic increase of raw materials. Its short-term development strategy of Florina includes human resources development, retaining and complementing of all good practices, promotion of expertise. Long-term strategy will focus on expanding the product portfolio.

[12.04.2010] VM Finance Group merged the organizational structures of two of its companies

The management of VM Finance Group decided to merge the organizational structures of two of its subsidiaries – the logistics company Bultransport Logistic & Services (BLS) and Direx, the company delivering fast moving consumer goods to the horeca channel (hotels, restaurants and clubs across the country).

The decision aims to take full advantage of the synergies between the two companies because the merger of the two distribution channels logically leads to more efficient use of resources. The objective is to create a new organization, which will take the leadership in its segment.

The newly merged business unit will operate under the name of BLS and will be headed by Mr. Assen Assenov, the current CEO of BLS.

[07.01.2010] VM Finance Group entered the meal vouchers business

The trade name of the company’s vouchers is "MeNew". VM Finance Group added another activity to its rich portfolio of businesses, operating with meal vouchers.

"In times of crisis, meal vouchers help workers and employers to optimize their expenses. I am confident that with our new activity we will soon accumulate good volumes and catch up with the competition. We already have partnership agreements with major retail chains, on one hand, and with employers who offer social packages to their employees, on the other," said Mr. Vassil Mirtchev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of VM Finance Group.

For the launch of the new business VM Finance Group received a special license from the Bulgarian Ministry of Finance.

[26.11.2009] VM Finance Group launched new business in Bulgaria, FYR Macedonia and Moldova

VM Automation is the new company within the Group, offering products of the global manufacturer Johnson Controls.

VM Finance Group launched a partnership with the leading global producer of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment and building automation, Johnson Controls. The decision to make new investments in the technological sector is in line with the Group’s long-term strategy of adding new businesses to the areas of activity in which it has already proven its expertise.

"In the past year we have carefully monitored new market opportunities. Our activity is focused on new investments and acquisitions that will allow rapid integration with our current business activities and that will ultimately result in profitability," explained Mr. Vassil Mirtchev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of VM Finance Group.

VM Automation, the newly established company within the Group, is the new partner of Johnson Controls in Bulgaria, FYR Macedonia and Moldova. After signing the distribution contract with VM Automation, Johnson Controls will provide the company with its full support.

[07.09.2009] VM Finance Group made an investment in a sector of public interest

ABC KinderCare Center, an international educational center for pre-school age children, is the new company in the Group

VM Finance Group made a new investment in a sector of public interest – the education of pre-school age children. The Group acquired ABC KinderCare Center, an international educational center for children from two to six years of age, with a curriculum which is entirely taught in the English language.

"In todays dynamic market environment, companies that succeed in properly managing their liquidity and in optimizing processes and resources, are capable to develop new businesses," said Mr. Vassil Mirtchev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of VM Finance Group.

[05.03.2009] VM Finance Group acquired International Human Resources

VM Finance Group acquired International Human Resources, a company which offers internationally recognized qualification training courses and management consultations in the field of HR.

VM Finance Group has added a new company to its portfolio - International Human Resources (IHR), a company that offers unique solutions to the Bulgarian market more specifically globally recognized training programs and management consulting on human resources development.

IHR is the only accredited training center and tuition provider in Bulgaria of the internationally recognized certificates of the institutes for professional certification in the field of human resources, management accounting, finances, marketing, purchasing and supply, namely CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development), CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants), ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) and CIPS (Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply). The certificates acquired by the trainees upon their successful completion of the programs, are proof of high professionalism and are recognized as one of the most prestigious qualifications – both in Europe and worldwide.